(Trial and Introductory flight and /or any other training)


Gold Coast Sports Flying Trust (GCSFT) is committed to providing our students and clients with outstanding customer service, professional and safe flight training in well-maintained aircraft.

If at any time you are unsure of your progress or expectations in relation to your flight training, please talk to your instructor or contact the Chief Flight Instructor. If you are not satisfied, or have any concerns with any part of your training, please feel free to escalate your complaint to the CEO, Errol Janse van Rensburg (

Your instructor can update you after each lesson about your progress and make an estimation of the time remaining to complete your course, based on your current competency standards. You can view your student records at any time.


Student and Indemnifier

The persons that indemnify the indemnified are the student or any other person signing below.


The instructor and indemnified

The persons and entities that are indemnified by this agreement are:

The instructor: Gold Coast Sports Flying Trust training as Gold Coast Sports Flying Training, - GCSFT - and/or

Global Aviation Products Trust (Aircraft Maintenance), - GAPT -   and/or

Global Aviation Products Pty Ltd (Corporate Trustees for GCSFT and GAPT), - GAP - and/or

Gold Coast Sports Flying Club Inc, – GCSFC- and/or

GoFly Global Pty Ltd (Supply Training Instructors and Compliance), – GoFly- and/or

Flight Leasing Pty Ltd (Aircraft owners), and/or

Sling Operations (Aircraft Operators), and/or

Independent Operators (Instructors).


 All above collectively referred to as - the indemnified.

For the purpose of this agreement, flying activities include but are not limited to the following indemnified activity:

  1. Flying as a Pilot, student pilot, crew member or passenger in recreational aircraft
  2. Assist with, or observing the ground handling of a recreational aircraft
  3. Otherwise observing the operation of a recreational aircraft
  4. Biennial flight reviews
  5. Any activity associated with above.



  1. I understand that persons undertaking flying training and other types of flying in recreational aeroplanes are advised that there are risks involved. These risks cannot be specifically quantified, however, recreational aeroplanes used for pilot training are constructed, operated and maintained under exemptions from the regulations. These exemptions are from the regulations that apply to General Aviation aeroplanes. While similar rule sets apply to our organisation and replace those that we are exempt from, it must be accepted that the overall safety of recreational flying is generally below the well-known commercial air transport standards in Australia.
  2. I agree to report any safety issues as I become aware of them.
  3. I agree to be responsible for ensuring my full membership of RAA is paid and current by the start of my 4th lesson and is renewed annually each year when flying with GCSFT.
  4. I will abide by the IMSAFE checklist regarding Illness, Medications, Stress, Alcohol, Fatigue, Emotions.
  5. I understand that GCSFT has a very high success rate for students, but that all training is competency-based and GCSFT cannot guarantee a time-frame or exact cost for in relation to students completing their course. GCSFT can offer an estimate of course costs but does not train to a specific price, but rather trains students to a safe, competent and legal standard.
  6. GCSFT owns all the media related to my flight and reserves the right to withhold any media it deems inappropriate or may bring GCSFT or the RAA into disrepute.
  7. GCSFT reserves the right to reschedule my booking due to weather or unforeseen events.
  8. A cancelation fee of $100 may apply if I cancel a booked flight with less than 24 hours’ notice.
  9. While GCSFT generally only hires Instructors it has trained, GCSFT Aviation makes no guarantee that a position will be offered on completion of the Instructor course.
  10. I agree to pay my student club membership to Gold Coast Sports Flying Club with my first lesson and annually thereafter if I should join the Club. I understand that flight training with GCSFT does not guarantee automatic acceptance to GCSFC.



  1. By signing this form, I, the indemnifier, unconditionally and irrevocably indemnifies all the parties to this agreement, the indemnified, its independent contractors, employees, servants, agents, trustees, directors, club members, against any and all liability, cost, damages and losses to persons or property, claimed by me or my family, business, business partners, servants, agents or estate from the indemnified in relation to the identified activity. I agree to indemnify the parties to this agreement, its independent contractors, employees, servants, agents, trustees, directors, club members, etc from all liability, cost, damages and losses to persons or property, suffering or death associated with recreational flying activities or ground handling of recreational aircraft or otherwise observing the operation of a recreational aircraft, which claim which must be paid to the indemnified party immediately on demand.
  2. This indemnity continues until the activity creating the risk of loss comes to an end, but will continue for any new activity, now or in future.
  3. The indemnifier's obligation is a primary obligation and the indemnified is not obliged to proceed against any other person before making a demand for payment hereunder.
  4. In addition to all other liabilities of the indemnifier under this deed, the indemnifier must pay on demand all costs and expenses in connection with the exercise of any right or remedy hereunder associated document.
  5. The Indemnifier’s obligations under this document are absolute and unconditional. They are not subject to any set-off, counter claims or conditions. In particular, the Indemnifier’s obligations will not be affected by anything which might abrogate, prejudice or limit them or the effectiveness of this document.
  6. By signing this form, I further agree not to pursue the owners or operators of the recreational aircraft associated with the indemnified, their employees, families, servants, independent contractors or their estates for any compensation or any claim as per par 3 above as may be claimed by myself, my family, my business, business partners, my servants, my employees or estate for any damage, loss, suffering, injury or death associated with recreational flying activities.
  7. If I’m under the age of 18, parent guardian signing this agreement on my behalf and accept terms and conditions as stated.


The persons that indemnify the indemnified are the student or any other person signing below. I understand and agree to the above:


The Student and indemnifier:


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