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We pride ourselves with experienced and professional instructors, with a passion for aviation – who offer one-on-one training with students.


Chief Flight INSTRUCTOR: Chris Moroney

Chief Flight INSTRUCTOR: Chris Moroney

Chris got hooked on aviation after a friend introduced him to a Microsoft Flight Simulator. He grew up in a small Central Queensland town and relocated to Brisbane to fulfill his dream. However, it is not the 11 years of experience and a CPL qualification that impress the students, but rather his calm way of instructing, broad aviation knowledge and enthusiasm.

He loves his life as an instructor in the scenic South East Queensland, but his biggest reward is the ability to introduce people to flying for the first time.



Michel Vuilleumier


SENIOR INSTRUCTOR: Michel Vuilleumier

Michel Vuilleumier grew up in South Africa but refer to himself as the “Swiss-South African”.

As a third generation aviation enthusiast he started on microlights but excelled through the ranks to qualify as an ATPL pilot in Australia. Michel and his dad build their Sling 4 aircraft, giving him a broad background in every aspect of aviation.

Michel loves flying and his students love flying with him. A natural teacher whilst ensuring every lesson remains fun and exciting. 


Senior Instructor:
Nic Seeto

Nic Seeto Recreational Aviation Australia GCSFT Gold Coast Sports Flying Training Senior Instructor

Senior Instructor: Nic Seeto

Nic completed his Instructor rating and excelled to be a senior instructor in a matter of months.

His love for aviation is infectious and easily passed on to others. Apart from instructing during his free time, Nic is actually a full time student, studying a Bachelor of Engineering Electronic / Bachelor of Aviation, balancing flying and studying.

Students love his confidence and knowledge, soaking up his passion and energy with every flight. 


Andrew Beazly 

Andrew Beazley Recreational Aviation Australia GCSFT Gold Coast Sports Flying Training Instructor

Instructor: Andrew Beazly

Andrew’s flying career spans over 30 years – 23 with the airlines – an incredible adventure.

Andrew flew in Papua New Guinea, operated night freight in Australia as well as Domestic and International Airlines. But his love for aviation doesn’t stop with the big aircraft, he is building his own Vans RV7 and loves teaching students in the Slings.

Students bank on his experience and passion for aviation and adventure.


Safety Officer:
Mike Smith


Mike learnt to fly at the Royal Queensland Aero Club in 1974 and over the next 30 years he has flown many different types of aircraft. Mike joined RAAus in 1997, expanding his experience on the range of aircraft.

Mike is a hands on enthusiastic team player and his involvement in aviation is proof of that. Since he joined Qld Ultralight Association (now Brisbane Valley Sport Aviation Club) he has held every executive position.

Mike was further on the Board of RAAus from 2012 to 2015.

He joined GCSFC (Gold Coast Sports Flying Club) in 1997, and has been President of the club since 2016.


Errol van Rensburg


Errol’s extensive experience in aviation, especially Sling Aircraft, spans over a period of 40 years. Errol’s career started as an aviation technician, which progressed to founding and managing an aviation design and manufacturing company in South Africa. After imigrating to Australia, he established the Sling Aircraft brand as the official distributor for Australia.

Errol qualified as an instructor for Recreational Aviation Australia as well as a L2 technician, servicing his fleet of Sling Aircraft used in flying schools over Queensland. He joined GCSFC in 2012.


Mariette van Rensburg


Mariette is from an aviation family and a keen aviator.
Her extensive experience in marketing and administration compliments the team.

Having completed her RPC and RPL, Mariette is the third among her siblings to become a pilot. Most recently, she is also the mother and wife of three pilots and is always keen to take flight when the opportunity arises.

Having gone through the process of obtaining her license, she gives a lot of support and guidance to students who join the school.

what They're Saying

Client Testimonials

"Being one of the first students for the GCSFC flight school, I wasn't able to get any feedback on what the instructor was like. I knew Chris Howarth to say hello to but not much more.  Being an instructor for some time, and a teacher, Chris has something vital for training students - great communication skills. A great pilot won't always make a great instructor and students definitely need the latter. Chris delivers instruction patiently and calmly which helped me overcome my nervousness & tension... the guy even reminds me to breathe when I'm taking off and landing, which I keep forgetting to do. In addition to that, Chris readily commends you when you've done well - it helps a lot if you're like me and keep beating yourself up. To those wanting to learn to fly 3-axis aircraft, I highly recommend GCSFC flying school... the instructor, the aircraft, the location, the price - it's terrific."

"Once you have flown you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards,

for there you have been,and there you long to return."

Leonardo da Vinci.

Ric Attard

Fireman Ric

What an experience I had! The training was excellent and very professional. 

I will most definitely in the future make use of your training again and would suggest and promote your courses to my friends and colleagues. 

Robinson Clarck

My son and I both enrolled in our flight training a while ago. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The pre-flight lessons were interesting and easy to grasp. Errol is very passionate, friendly and knowledgeable. 

Getting my Pilot certificate has been one of my greatest achievements.

Michael Fletcher

At age 65, I’m finally realizing my dream to fly planes. I looked all over the Gold Coast area for a group that would meet my needs and finally found Chris and Gold Coast Sports Flying Club. I like Chris as a teacher – he is a wealth of information, teaching in a relaxed, low-pressure manner and making technical nuances easily understandable. I expected to be stressed and anxious as I learned high banks and how to deal with stalls. Instead, Chris has me following the curves of the inland waterways with a smile on my face that he says “not even a plastic surgeon would be able to get rid of”!   An added benefit is the experienced fliers I’m meeting at the club between lessons. Fantastic experiences and conversations!

Robert Wall

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